How to check hardware compatibility?

I know that it’s not a very popular question but how can I check if current kernel is compatible witch specific hardware?
And even if today something work tomorrow it can stop (My own experience - usb wifi) but I wolud like to check current status and not the future.

I’m in front of purchase motherboard.

One has realtek Realtek 8125B LAN chipset
second has Intel I225-V chipset

I searched a lot and it seems that since kernel 5.9.6 realtek is implemented in kernel.
Couldn’t find anything about intel.

Where should I look? Do I have to read some kernel specific documents?

Linux Hardware?

see this topic

In posts forum from a few days ago people have problem with RTL8125
on I checked msi tomahawk x570 and there is an information that device is supported since kernel 5.4 so what is going on?