How to change wallpapers automatically at different times a day

hey there it might sound silly but I would like to know is there anyway I can make manjaro to automatically change wallpapers in morning evening and night

Could use Variety from the official repo for that. Start it at evening or morning at the time you want the wallpaper to change, and then set it to change every 12 hours. If you want specific wallpapers, I guess you could point it to a custom folder with two images. I think it will change from image to another and will not choose the displayed image second time in a row. That is something I haven’t tried.

That said, I’m pretty sure there is a cleaner way to do that. That’s just something that came to mind.


We provide such manjaro-dynamic-wallpaper package by default, plus the dynamic-wallpaper-editor where you can set your own images and time to be displayed for each. It will all then be saved in a *.xml file.

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how can i use .xml files

Once you edit in the configuration of dynamic wallpaper app, the xml only contains the path to the images you included and the time you chose to be displayed, and the time of the transition between them. In principle it should suggest you to save it in a “proper place” so the you can se that in Desktop background Settings, like any other background, just that you will have an icon like a clock on that …