How to change unicode font appearance?

Hi, how do I “fix” the appearance of unicode fonts? They look different compared to how they look on Windows or Android. The difference is subtle but noticeable. I have screenshots, but I guess I don’t have the necessary permission to include those in posts here yet.

I know there is font licensing stuff in Linux that sometimes causes distros to use letters that look slightly different, but can this be fixed? I think I remember fixing this years ago in a different distro I was using.

Incidentally, when I type in unicode in the word processing app (Onlyoffice Desktop Editor that comes with Manjaro), the appearance is identical ho Windows/Android appearance. But not when viewing websites, in app UIs, etc.

Which font?

Thank you for the reply. The unicode characters appear the same for any font, but at the moment I’m using Inter as my main system font. The issue is specifically with the appearance of fonts in Georgian language, which I do not expect anyone to be able to read here, but I thought maybe there is a known setting/command/app that makes unicode text appearance on Linux distros match their indended appearance, so I thought I’d ask.

So how does this look like:

Georgian (ქართული ენა, romanized: kartuli ena, pronounced [kʰɑɾtʰuli ɛnɑ]) is the most widely-spoken of the Kartvelian languages […]

That’s how Georgian letters look in my distro, but there are subtle - but noticeable - differences in how they appear on Windows and Android. I wish I could link to, or embed, the screenshots I have that show the difference.

You could upload your screenshots to (or something else) and add the share links as code (within backticks: `` or by clicking the Ctrl+E (preformatted text button))

The first is how the text renders in Windows/Android (and Manjaro word processing app), and the second is how it renders in Linux UI and on websites viewed in Linux.

I think it is a different font.

The first one looks like sans-serif, the second one with serifs.

Which font did you set in your “word processing app” and which one did you setup as your UI font?

Inter Regular is set as the Interface Text in Gnome Tweaks. When I select the same font in Onlyoffice Desktop Editor, then switch to Georgian layout on keyboard and type in Georgian, it appears differently (like it appears in Windows/Android).

But did you set up Inter Regular also in Windows?
And if I look at Inter here: Google Fonts , I can’t find the glyphs, so I don’t know if they are included in the font, and it will fallback to another font.

No, in Windows Georgian text appears differently when using any non-Georgian font (i.e. unicode versions of Latin fonts).

I just did some more testing: selected Arial as UI font, and also as the font for websites in Firefox, and this time it appeared “correctly” (like how it appears in Windows/Android). You may be right and it’s a font issue - maybe the unicode version is built into Arial, but not into Inter, so the latter defaults to the “wrong” appearance when selected.

Thank you for the help, I think this answers my question.

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