How To Change To Another Kernel

Yesterday I looked in kernels and I saw that I have kernel 5.8.11 installed and running.

However I wanted the 5.4.67 LTS kernel to be installed and run so I installed it.
After installing the 5.4.67 LTS kernel I rebooted but the system is still using kernel 5.8.11.

How do I arrange it so that the system uses kernel 5.4.67?

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go to the advanced section in your GRUB menu during startup and select the kernel there.


When I reboot I’ll give it a go.

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Do I need to install kernel headers first?

No, but you might want them for things like AUR.
(still cant remember whether mhwd-kernel gets them for you or not…)

Also please note - Do Not Attempt To Remove a Running Kernel.
Always make sure to boot into desired kernel first, then you can remove any other inactive kernels you like.



One more question–
Do I need to downgrade packages when I switch to an older LTS kernel?

nope .

Good Question


Enjoy the rest of the weekend:-

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