How to change theme in sway? Also add the instruction to change themes in the README file in sway

How to find the available themes to change and how to change it?

there’s only blue & green dark.


just uncomment(remove #) to switch

be more specific for others to understand where to uncomment etc.

sorry, haven’t run sway in a while.
can’t remember exact details.

use the search, there’s a whole thread on theming.

Found it . I searched for blue in .config/sway/config file and uncommented the line and it worked .

you can also copy the /etc/sway/themes/blue…
make changes & point to that.

for example i don’t like dark themes much, so i copy the theme & in the definitions file i’ll change all the “dark/Dark” to “light/Light” then put that path in the sway/config & super+shift+c.

you should read that help file next to the calendar/clock, lot of good info in there.
everything in sway is configurable as long as you do it right.
make use of the man pages.

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