How to change theme font colors?


I have been quite happy Manjaro user for over a year now.

As I have become a bit more accustomed to the GNU/Linux environment to need to customize has become an overtly powerful need. I have changed a thing here and another over there, but the one I’m having a bit of a problem is the colour theme Manjaro comes with. I’m currently using Matcha-azul and been changing some of the colours to suite me better, but I keep coming with how the font the theme uses is no longer complementary. I’m currently using such a light shade on the desktop panel that the grey font is not very visible.

If I were to go into the Matcha-azul theme folder, what text files should I be looking at in order to change the hex colour code (to for instance, fully black font)?

Thank you for your patience in reading my question!

Hi and welcome to the Forum!

No need to edit the theme files, just create the file ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css (if it doesn’t already exist) and add the following in the file:

.xfce4-panel * {
    color: #000000;

(obviously replace the black color #000000 with the one you prefer)

To see the changes in the panel, simply restart it using

xfce4-panel -r

in a terminal window.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks! Appears to work like a charm.

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