How to Change the Window Style?

Hello guys ignore the music played on my spotify, I would like to leave the style of my window the same as that of windows or mac, I applied a theme but I know that this is not solved with a theme, I would like to make it more beautiful. Do you know how to make them more compact or even inside the app?
Images above

That’s the style of windows I use and I wanted to leave that way the one of my linux.

This is the current window in my Windows and I would really like it to look like the one in Windows 11

Well, that’s not ugly, so can only be made different.

And I believe what you’re looking for is called “Window decorations” and I believe you can customize it with the Gnome tweaks tool. Although I can’t be absolutely sure, using KDE and all.


Look here, it might help:


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To match the style of Windows or Mac on your Manjaro XFCE, focus on the application’s settings. Unfortunately, themes might not cover everything. Explore each app’s settings for customization, and for a more compact look, check if there are options for density or compact mode within the app itself.

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In the future, be more specific: Which application, which settings, which exact menu items to follow and to click / set.

Thank you for your help!

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