How to change the theme open apps root in cinnamon?

Apps that run through the root theme is white, I want change to dark

I try “sudo cinnamon-settings” but not change theme

How to change the theme root cinnamon?

What if you login as root, change the theme, logout and come back with your user?

I logging with user (administrator).
After change theme with "sudo cinnamon-settings "and logout and logon still not working theme root

See the Arch Wiki about applying the GTK theme to root applications:

The same information for Qt based applications:


Yes, that’s what you already said in you 1st post, and that did not work.
Logout from your user and login as root.

Change the theme as root, logout then connect again with your user.

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Only work on the root

What applications aren’t being themed? For me or is just the root file manager application. I edited nemo to be able to open as root(by default root/sudo file manager opens the other application). Nemo now opens as root and is themed

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Sorry I use custom themes.
After copy $home/.themes in /root/.themes
Now working themes for open apps with root

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Try linking the themes folder instead of copying.

ln -s $HOME/.themes /root/.themes

The advantage to linking is that if you update or change your active theme, you don’t have to manually update the root theme.


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