How to change the highlight color from green in gnome?

I’ve changed the gtk theme and kvantum theme, it works in most software. But there are still some software using the default green color of manjaro, such as virtualbox.
It seems like there are still some gnome settings can’t be changed simply by using a thirdparty theme?
How can I change it?
(no screenshot due to that i’m prohibited from adding a media or a link in the post

this might help :point_down:

gdm accent color has been set up to blue, but it’s of no use to the accent color in the gnome desktop.
s2.loli. net/2022/01/01/HBNqzLDYCEbfx2i.png

well, maybe i know the reason?
it seems like some software don’t follow the gtk theme i set but the default one.

oh, i see
i tried sudo neofetch
the gtk theme of the root account is still the default one