How to change the default folder that nemo opens?

I have made a pool of folders with mergerfs by adding this to /etc/fstab

/mnt/T:/mnt/V:/mnt/W:/mnt/X:/mnt/Y:/mnt/Z:/srv/nfs/lenovo/hdd1:/home/user  /mnt/storage      fuse.mergerfs  allow_other, use_ino,cache.files=off,dropcacheonclose=true,category.create=mfs,x-gvfs-show   0       0

And now I want to open the /mnt/storage folder when I start nemo. How can I do that?

To open nemo I usually press on the icon on the panel, or press the key between control and alt and search for nemo in the menu and press enter.

I’ve changed

[Desktop Action open-home]
Exec=nemo %U


Exec=nemo /mnt/storage

but that didn’t work.

cp /usr/share/applications/nemo.desktop ~/.local/share/applications

Edit it in your home folder and re-logging/restart the DE if not updated automatically.