How to change the application menu?

How can I change the application menu to display categories from this:

to this:


I used to use Manjaro Deepin before, but it is not supported anymore, so I changed it to Manjaro Gnome. But that default menu in Gnome is so cluttered, especially when there are a lot of apps in categories.

You don’t. GNOME is GNOME, Deepin is Deepin.

In the future, please describe your issue rather than just saying, “this” and using screenshots.

This extensions brings a little bit categories:

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If you open the all applications icon pane (press super/windows key and “show applications”), you can drag application icons over each other and the gnome-shell will group them. It works the same as in Android now. For example, if you drag the libreoffice-calc icon over libreoffice-draw, it will group them to an “office” group. Try it.

Thank you. Yes, I know about this feature. But when the category has a lot of apps it is getting very cluttered. I would like to achieve the look like UKUI or Deepin, but on Manjaro.
Is there some extension like @GaVenga recommended, which changes the look of the menu?