How to change that ugly blue highlight in GDM?


Since the old Manjaro branding is messing up with the volume pop-up or the new pop-up menu of Gnome 43, I had to resort to install the new version of manjaro-gdm-branding.

But that vanilla GDM blue highlight is properly and objectively ugly. It strikes me every time as total garbage.
Dark blue on black has been known since forever to not fit well together.
It comes as no surprise of course as we all know the utter amateurism of Gnome designers, their libadwaita inconsistent amateur crap being the pinnacle of everything you should not be doing in a theme.

And a lot of us are just sick of blue highlights in computer themes, they just don’t bode well in many’s opinions.

Therefore, in the same way Matcha-Sea is a thousand years ahead of lib/adwaita in terms of theme design, I expect Manjaro to revert back to its natural colors and bring back their historically nice touch to GDM.

But in case there is no plan to correct the usual Gnome guys abhorrences, I would like to know where and how I can change it myself…

Does anybody know how we can make this little change that would make GDM decent and consistent on Manjaro?



Our old way does not work to change the colors for GDM and a new way might rise soon