How to change PKGBUILD of QEMU/kvm


There is a bug in QEMU/kvm virtualization. I want to install windows in QEMU/kvm but it has requirements; it wants tpm. And i cant add it from add hardware from Gui. The error popup occurs “tpm version is not supported”

I learnt we need to replace the lines:



What GUI? virt-manager?

If so, as @Yochanan already pointed out, you probably only need to install swtpm.

It appears others have been able to make it work. See:

Where did you find that information? That build flag is not in the qemu PKGBUILD.

From this links:

FS#74421 : [edk2-ovmf] Broken TPM2 Support due to changed build flag
OvmfPkg: rework TPM configuration · tianocore/edk2@4de8d61 · GitHub
As far as i understand, its working with TPM1 and 2, syntax… I guess.

Yeap! Im able to apply the settings now. Thanks @Yochanan

That’s referencing edk2-ovmf, not qemu. Anyway, those flags were added with 202202-2 as noted in the bug report.

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