How to change panel transparency?

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I use a theme that has adaptive transparency already enabled but the thing is what I wanna increase is the transparency a little bit more
There is contrast setting right above



What do I have to play with to have just the dock to have increased transparency ?
and @Mirdarthos I did try playing with rules long before and that didn’t work for me
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Hi @Unbeknownst Please follow the link of this message for some more information:

You may have to enable background contrast in:

  • System Settings > Workspace Behavior > Desktop Effects > Background Contrast=on

Thank you @raguse

“translucent” folder
In the special folder translucent/ the same hierarchy is used as well:
when the KWin Background Contrast effect is enabled the
 file under this folder will be used if found. As the opaque folder,
 only elements that will be rendered as window backgrounds should be
 present in this folder, so the dialogs folder, plus the panel and tooltip backgrounds. 
When is possible to blur the background of the window, the graphics can be more transparent, 
keeping the window text readable.

From the tutorial I was able to understand bunch of terms
But I just want to increase the transparency of system panel. I guess playing with theme contrast will play will every window open so I am so much afraid doing that. Apologies for my fear :sweat_smile:

Isn’t there a setting of increasing the transparency of just the dock panel :slightly_smiling_face:

Nothing to be afraid of as long as you put all your theme files into your user directories.

Certainly you do know the option below from the previous thread to set translucency in panel edit mode. I am not aware of another settings to increase panel transparency.

You will achieve some success to increase panel transparency with trying different settings of contrast effect , e.g.


The general panel transparency is defined by the theme itself. You will have to adjust opacity settings of your theme files in your home directories, likely called panel-background.svg. It’s not a big deal to change that.
Don’t forget, a theme update will most likely overwrite your changes again, a copy of it overcomes this. Also, if you mess it up you can delete the theme and download again.

May I ask which specific theme (name) you want to adjust?

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if you want to only change the panels transparency, go to system settings/desktop effects/blur and set the blur strength to the lightest …


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