How to change my gnome 45 to look like windows XP?

How do make my gnome45 look fully like windows -Xp

Have a look here:

For win clone theming I remember b00merang was decent and it looks like its been kept up.

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Install Windows XP…

Although this might also help:

Or it might not, don’t know and don’t care for Windows Anything, really.

My favourite Windows XP-like desktop wallpaper:

The main obstacle standing in your way is theme compatibility with Gnome 45+.

It’s a requirement that all themes must be upgraded to work with Gnome 45+. If any theme wasn’t specifically designed, or updated, with this in mind (2023), then it’s likely the theme will not function as expected, or at all.

At least, that is the official word as I recall it. Before randomly trying to install a foreign theme, first check that it is indeed compatible. As far as I’m aware there is no official way to get around the requirement; but, naturally, that might change at some point.

The firt two of these share a common ‘Last changelog: 3.14 years ago’. The last link also refers back to the b00merang weebly site, but might yet be an effort to rejuvenate the theme collection, but I found nothing to indicate that. Good luck

Update:- A deeper search revealed the Roadmap which tends to indicate Gnome 45+ compatibility might be within their scopes:

Planned for this year (2023):

  • GTK4 compatibility (in progress)
  • Add Cinnamon themes
  • Add Gnome-shell themes

Nothing here for KDE though; not that I’m overly saddened. :wink:

Perhaps you could bend one of these Gnome Shell Themes to have it look more like Windows XP.

Build windows-xp-themes-git and windows-xp-icons-git from AUR

But theme may not work as good as Xfce, Mate or Cinnamon DEs

For Cinnamon, there is cinnxp from AUR

I’d say that trying to do this on the basis of Gnome is difficult, as the whole design concept behind Gnome is very different.
Gnome (it’s extensions) do break frequently with new versions of Gnome - not ideal, especially with a rolling release like Manjaro.
Cinnamon is an attempt to re-create the familiar look and feel on the basis of Gnome.
It would be a better starting point IMO.

Much easier is to start from Xfce4 instead of from Gnome as the design concept / the desktop layout is already very similar to the Windows desktop.

Have fun playing!

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