How to change mldonkey installation location?

I’ve tried changing the download location for mldonkey since the default location is in an SSD and I want to use an HDD so that it doesn’t break the SSD by writing on it many times. I’ve followed this instructions but after changing the folder from Options -> Shares -> Add Share the website shows a connection error and doesn’t show the content anymore.

Maybe if I install it directly into the HDD drive the default download location will be there too. How can I change the PKGBUILD installation location so that the default download location ends up below this folder /mnt/X/dl/?

This were the steps I took, I always get the same error:

❯ yay -S mldonkey
❯ telnet 4000
❯ sudo systemctl enable --now mldonkey.service
❯ telnet 4000
❯ mkdir -p /mnt/X/dl/mldonkey
❯ cd /mnt/X/dl/mldonkey
❯ mkdir -p incoming/files
❯ mkdir incoming/directories
❯ mkdir shared
❯ mkdir tmp
❯ sudo chown -R user:mldonkey /mnt/X/dl/mldonkey
❯ chmod -R 777 /mnt/X/dl/mldonkey

Options → Shares → Add Share:
0 /mnt/X/dl/mldonkey/shared all_files
0 /mnt/X/dl/mldonkey/incoming/files incoming_files
0 /mnt/X/dl/mldonkey/incoming/directories incoming_directories
Then the server stops working with an unable to connect error.

Changing installation location is already not recommended, so changing it hoping to fix a software issue is even less.
Since changing the download location seems to be a feature of that software, i’d rather recommend to forward your issue to them.


Thinking in terms of “drives” and manual relocation of applications is Windows think. You are going to be living in a world of pain if you keep on thinking along the lines of the Microsoft Windows paradigm.

UNIX systems don’t work like that. UNIX — which includes GNU/Linux and even macOS — is a fully integrated operating system architecture in which applications are not regarded as separate entities but as extensions of the operating system itself. Therefore, the location of system-wide applications will always be somewhere under the /usr or /opt directory hierarchies. You can find more information about this at the website for the UNIX Filesystem Hierarchy Standard.

User-installed — i.e. non-system-wide — applications can of course always be installed in your home directory, but then only your user account will have access to them.

Maybe instead of changing the download location I can just delete the default download location and link the folder I’ve created there instead.

I don’t know what is up with the telnet commands (in your initial post),
but in this command:

sudo chown -R user:mldonkey /mnt/X/dl/mldonkey

you need to change “user” for your actual username

The username “user” is an example.

Also, :point_up: this, is really bad practice, and makes this :point_down: sort of pointless.

I really, really think you should and advise you to read through, and make sure you understand:

My user is user. One of this days I’ll have to make it my signature so people stop mentioning it.

I don’t know what I was thinking but the solution was clearly to create a symlink for the download folder instead of trying to change the installation location.

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