How to change Manjaro zsh PS1 config?

This is current zsh theme look like:

 ~/D/[Pussub&VCB-Studio] White Album 2 [Hi10p_1080p]/Scans/Vol.2

I want to change /path/to/folder to folder



for example, bash theme is:
[firestar@ThinkPad Vol.2]$

How should I do? p10k configure does not work.

Open the file /usr/share/zsh/p10k.zsh as root and change the original parameter values:

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seems not working, but thanks for the config file

I have asked on github

You have to restart zsh to show changes or run source ~/.zshrc.

No, I have restarted.

Line 214: POWERLEVEL9K_SHORTEN_STRATEGY=truncate_to_last do not work. Maybe this is not the proper config file?

Yes, I should copy to ~/.p10k.zsh and change that file.