How to change Login Screen Background

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In my attempts to minimize my desktop, I deleted some of the default wallpapers that the Pamac Installer said I had preinstalled. Upon doing so, my login screen’s background went from the preinstalled one to a black screen. Strangely enough I don’t mind this, but I’d also just like to reset the background of my login screen to the same one that is on my desktop.

Is there a sub-directory I can put an image file in that will automatically fill this the next time the login screen comes up? Or is there a config file I have to edit that will point to where my desired image is?

Any help in regards to this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hi, that should be easy. Just go to “Settings” and look for “Light-DM-GDK and Locksceen Settings” there. You can set a picture for your locksceen there ore make it use the one from your user session.

Since I’m using a German version of Manjaro my translations might be not 100% accurate.


If your talking about your login screen, and your using lightdm (XFCE default, I think), then you should be able to find it’s config file:


In there, I set the ‘background’ entry to the image I want.

I put my images in:



Got to love the Manjaro GUI sometimes. Although I use the CLI for as much as I can sometimes the GUI just makes it easier.

I did utilize both approaches and technically both are the solution, so thank you both for your help! Love this forum! :pray:

It’s been a couple of years now, but I remember using the GUI for this. It worked pretty well, but would not let me format the ‘indicators’ string as I wanted (kept removing spaces), so I had to edit the conf file directly.

I do like a GUI control, but when it doesn’t work quite right, you can still go to the CLI.

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