How to change kernel if grub not showing

My fresh install of Manjaro KDE runs with Linux57. All works fine so far but I want to move to Linux54 LTS for better stability. So I installed it via Kernel settings but I can’t change as grub is not showing at startup. It loads directly to Manjaro initial screen.

Open a termminal and do
sudo nano /etc/default/grub
Edit the line with valor hidden to style and the line how define time to 3
Save the file with ctlr+o exit with ctrl+x and do
sudo update-grub
In your next reboot you’ll be able to see grub

Edit your /etc/default/grub and make sure you replace…


… by…


Then run…

sudo update-grub

You will now get a GRUB menu. :wink:

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Even if Grub is hidden, you should most likely be able to get to the menu by pressing the Shift key during boot.


F8 also works. I found the shift key not always reliable.

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Good to know that that is also an option. On my system F8 brings up the UEFI boot menu.

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