How to change gnome kernel?

I want to change gnome 5.9 kernel into 5.4 lts can anyone help me

First things first.

  1. Do you have kernel 5.4 installed? If not, open launcher and search for “Manjaro Settings”. In there you should see the option to install the desired kernel.
  2. You will need to reboot your computer and catch the grub. The way I do it is to press esc after the ability to get to BIOS but before the start-up actually happens. You can make things easier for you by opening up terminal and put in sudo nano /etc/default/grub. There you would like to change the line GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE=hidden to GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE=menu, save changes and then do sudo update-grub. This will put up grub menu at boot. There you go into “Advanced settings” (if I remember correctly) and change the kernel you would like to run.

thank you so much

I literally created an account just so that I could thank you! I had been searching around looking for exactly this and had ended up down several rabbit holes that were not right. Your answer was just what I was missing!

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