How to change formatting of time in gnome panel?


I’d like to change the formatting of the time in the gnome panel. Currently, the separator between hours and minutes is dot, so five past thirteen is displayed as 13.05.
I don’t like dot as the separator, I’d rather see colon as separator. So the above time becomes 13:05 and is clearly distinguishable from the date 13.05.

I haven’t found yet a way to change it :slightly_frowning_face:. Can someone point me to resources or configuration files where this change could be done?

Thank you.

You used to be able to set some things in gnome-tweaks or dconf-editor

But I think you only get things like 24vs12 hour format or including weekdays…

There are a few extensions though …

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The format for displaying the time that is being used is set in region & language in settings. (as far as I can tell)

For instance I have English as a language and Nederland as format. This gives me the : separator between the hours and minutes.

Thanks @cscs and @Hanzel for your tips. I looked at DE, NL, FR, BE, ES, etc., they all have time formatted as 13:05. I think this is the correct way for all (most) of Europe.
For some reason, my region & country settings FI, the time is formatted with the dot, which I believe is incorrect :frowning:
I’ll check if the extensions might help me to correct this.

The date menu formatter extension did the trick :slight_smile: and it gives me a few other extra tweaks as well.
It would be nice, though, if the locale settings for FI would be corrected.

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