How to change drivers for a device?

I have an issue that I think might be due to a driver bug (as far as I can tell, I’ve tried everything). I’m on Manjaro Raspberry Pi. Is it possible to switch drivers for this device?

From what I can tell in the config file (is that the correct repo to look at?), both drivers are enabled (=y, not =m). My nic is currently using bcmgenet and I’m interested in trying the lan78xx driver (the reason being that Raspbian uses this driver, and does not appear to have this bug).

How can I do this?

You could create a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-bcmgenet.conf and inside it put
blacklist bcmgenet save the file and reboot. The driver will not be loaded into the kernel after reboot. If you find you would rather use it in the future, just remove the file.

I think you should add your post to the ARM category
or the category to it …
the Pi is an ARM device, no?
… more people will recognize what this is about - ARM is a bit different than “regular” Manjaro

Jim. B: it’s not a module, would that still work?

Nachlese: done, thank you for that suggestion.

While I’m still curious about how to do this, my issue turned out not to be a device driver problem, so I’m closing this.

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