How to change DNS via GUI and terminal?

Tell me if I’m wrong but I could change settings here:

And change
Automatycznie (DHCP) - [in English it’s probably Automatic (DHCP)]
Automatycznie (DHCP), tylko adresy - [in English it’s probably Automatic (DHCP, Addresses only)]
and then input DNS address into DNS server line

Is that right?

I believe that terminal DNS manipulation is here:
Domain name resolution
But I’m afraid that I don’t understand this part of Arch wiki

Change to “Automatic (DHCP) addresses only” and add the DNS servers comma separated “,”:


Text/console configuration is better explained here: Networking - Manjaro


I’ll check it!
Sooner or later everything I’m looking for about linux ends up on Arch wiki so it’s almost like a habit to me to start there

I’ll read our wiki and if I understand everything I need I’ll mark thread as solved

@megavolt has it correct, you wanna do the same thing for ipv6 select “Automatic (Addresses Only)” is the google resolver.

If you have the time I’d encourage you to check out the dnscrypt-proxy package. This way you’ll be served encrypted DNS results. It’s simper than you might expect.

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Dont forget that a lot of the big browsers hijack your DNS by default too.
(firefox example: Firefox/Privacy - ArchWiki)

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Hi there, this is just random…

When I go to configure my network interface with a new DNS via the NMS gui as soon as i enter a number into the DNS line the ‘Save’ option becomes UNAVAILABLE (excuse the CAPS). :{