How to change default terminal command behaviour?

So, recently I switched over Manjaro GNOME to Manjaro i3. And since there is not much helpful GUI apps I’m struggling with basic tasks (and it’s also because I’m still linux newbie).

I don’t really like default terminal and I want switch it to terminator, I know that I can simply change behaviour of %mod% + Return at i3 config. But it’s not what I want.

As I found out there is default terminal command that runs urxvt. I checked what inside of command. And there is simple script with commands and flags that i didn’t see before.

urxvtc $@
if [ $? -eq 2 ]; then
urxvtd -q -o -f
urxvtc $@

So, my main question is the same as the topic name. How do I make terminal command to launch another terminal emulator like terminator? Is this even possible?

And additional question: If you can, please, explain commands and flags that terminal command launches. Do it as simple as possible. I tried to read man page, but it’s still hard to understand.

If I recall the i3 Spin still does have a ‘settings’ gui app of some kind (the name of it escapes me). What I would recommend it changing your default terminal from there. I was kind of in the same boat with Cinnamon using the GNOME Terminal by default… I actually prefer kitty. It’s usually one of the first things I change.

You can use the i3-sensible-terminal executable to change the default terminal emulator in i3.
See this post in the archived Forum for more details:

You obviously have to use /usr/bin/terminator for Terminator.

For more information about i3-sensible-terminal, see its man page or this page.

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That’s pretty much the solution. Thanks.

But i’m still curious about terminal script

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The /usr/bin/terminal executable is part of the i3-scripts package that is preinstalled in the i3 edition.

Its functionality is explained here:

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