How to change date format in dolphin file manage (kde)?

I can’t find a location where date format is changed in dolpin.
Currently it is MMM D YY TIME.
I want it to be D MMM YY TIME.

I tried manjaro system manager,
tried system setting > regional setting
tried right click on time panel (bottom right corner)…
none of it seems to change how dolphin display date format.
Don’t know where the related setting hide in.
However my desktop date and time format is as i would like already, just dolphin is not.


This used to be much more intuitive with KDE4, but with the latest Plasma / KDE5, they removed the ability to specify your own custom date-time format. :confused: Maybe they’re trying to follow in GNOME’s footsteps to “dumb everything down” and remove the “confusing” and “scary” …built-in customizations! :scream:

(Come at me, GNOME Army!) :boxing_glove: :boxing_glove:

You have to use a less obvious workaround:

  • Choose another country’s “format” for date-time.
  • In this case, United Kingdom (en_GB) works exactly how you described.
  • Don’t forget to log out and log back in, and to change Dolphin’s View ModeDetailsDate Style to “absolute” instead of “relative”.


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