How to change console font in tty2~6?

I want to change console font in tty2~6 to Unifont, so that it can support chinese characters.

And I found that: when updating kernels, it will say:

  -> Running build hook: [consolefont]
==> WARNING: consolefont: no font found in configuration

I want to know how to config consolefont, thanks!

PS: can consolefont use non-bitmap fonts like JetBrains Mono or Lucida Typewriter?

Switch to console/tty


will print current font glyphs in a little square.
You can see a bit more info with something like

showconsolefont -i -v

You can temporarily mess with setting fonts that can be found in

ls /usr/share/kbd/consolefonts/

With something like this for terminus

setfont ter-124n

(terminus provides many sizes: pacman -Ql terminus-font | grep console)

For setting it permanently, and adding the mkinitcpio hook, and more … see the archwiki here: