How to change complete system language(accidentally selected wrong locale while installing)?

Yesterday I newly installed manjaro arm (kde) on raspberry pi 4b. Everything is good but while installation I accidentally choose locale as es_US instead of en_US which made complete system language to Spanish, I managed to change locale, regional settings->languages to english(US) but while installing my directories are assinged in spanish after settings changed folders are changed to english but directories(in Home) they refer to are named in spanish as given in image.

When I try to access them (desktop or documents) from terminal with english names it says

bash: cd: /desktop/: No such file or directory

I tried to change their name from home but then folders from panel cant access them
it says

The file or folder /home/manjaro/kde/documentos does not exist.

what can I do now.

Hi @UV0, and welcome!

Someone is very welcome to correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems to me that the easiest option would be to reinstall it. And select the correct locale this time.

This because, AFAIK, to do it manually, you’d have to change all the references and directory names and such to the new language as well.

Once again, I might be wrong. The reinstall is just, according to me at least, the quickest way to do it and the best way to ensure nothing is missed.

Hope this helps!