How to change a particular app's icon in manjaro 20 gnome

i just wanted to know how to change a particular app’s icon. In linux mint cinnamon has its menu editor to edit menus app icons and app names, im currently using manjaro 20 with gnome and want to change the app’s icon and name bcz i dont like the icon of my icon theme . i recently switched from mint to manjaro . plzz help. thanks in advance for any help.

You need to edit the desktop file of the particular application you are looking to modify. You can do this by editing (or creating one if not present) the .desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications.

Check this link that explains the process and provides you with an example.

You can also use one of those Gnome utilities. I don’t use Gnome, but I believe alacarte is rather popular? You should be able to install it with no problems.


thank you so much but i also tried editing the .desktop files earlier also but doesn’t works for some apps , but thanks to tell about alacarte, ill try it

thank you , it solved my problem ,thanks for the help

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