How to change 30 seconds sleep/restart/shutdown/logout timer duration on user installed themes?

Hello people,
The default sleep/restart/shutdown/logout timer is 30 seconds. I want to change that.

I was able to do it on the default breeze theme by changing theme variable in /usr/share/plasma/look-and-feel/org.kde.breeze.desktop/contents/logout/Logout.qml

Now I have a user installed theme called NORDIC and the timer is back to its default 30 seconds.

I tried to look for a similar qml file at .local/share/plasma/desktoptheme/Nordic but there isn’t one.
Any help appreciated.

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are not the same thing in KDE Plasma. Have a look at the source for ... /look-and-feel/Nordic/contents/logout/Logout.qml Nordic/Logout.qml at master · EliverLara/Nordic · GitHub

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Thank you!
Downloaded the repo , made changed the logout.qml file’s timeout variable.
and copied the Nordic folder from look-and-feel of repo to the look-and-feel of my pc.

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