How to calibrate Wacom digitizer input on Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga S1 (2-in-1 laptop/tablet)?

I have just installed Manjaro on my new (to me, it’s from 2013) Thinkpad Yoga S1 which has a wacom digitizer. The drivers are there and it works flawlessly (to my surprise) without any setup. However, the mouse does not directly line up with the pen, so at the top of the screen the cursor is ~1mm lower than the tip and at the bottom it is ~3mm higher, and similarly at the right of the screen the cursor is to the left of the tip and at the left it is to the right. On Windows Wacom has a calibration tool where you tap dots and it adjusts automatically by knowing what it is displaying, however I cannot find any way to calibrate it on Manjaro (or any Linux) even entering the offset manually.

There are also some problems with tapping at the screen edges, however I think these will be fixed by the calibration.

It is perfectly useable, but also annoying, so it would be great if anyone can help :slight_smile:

A bit searching reveals this Reddit post:
where you could run

xinput_calibrator --device <Device ID>

(With the correct Device ID of course).

And then, set the correct values from the output above with :

xsetwacom set "<Device Name>" Area <topX> <topY> <bottomX> <bottomY>

The xinput_calibrator can be installed from the AUR: AUR (en) - xinput_calibrator

The ArchWiki has big entry about Wacom Tablets but it seems nothing about calibration.

Thank you, this has fixed it :slight_smile: . I don’t know how the editing works but this should definitely be added to the ArchWiki if anyone can do that, I had looked there and found nothing.

Note for anyone else trying to follow this:
<topX> <topY> <bottomX> <bottomY>
correspond to xinput_calibrator’s
<minX> <minY> <maxX> <maxY>,
and Device ID can be found using
xsetwacom --list or xinput_calibrator --list

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