How to bulk rename files using wildcards?

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It’s not an uncommon practice to append a CRC32 checksum to the end of a filename, rather than include a separate text file with a listing of MD5 or SHA hashes.

  1. Short (only 8 characters)
  2. Doesn’t require a separate file
  3. Easy to use (no need for a separate reference, since the checksum is in the filename itself)
  4. While collisions are possible with CRC32, unless there’s a real security need to avoid this, it’s “good enough” for personal usage to affirm the file is in its original state

In fact, you’ll see this done often with very large files, such as anime episodes.

$ rhash --crc32 "Crazy Horse Redemption - S01E07 (Dual-Audio, soft-subs)[2CBA0A61].mkv"

$ "Crazy Horse Redemption - S01E07 (Dual-Audio, soft-subs)[2CBA0A61].mkv" 2CBA0A61

$ "Securely wipe entire system before the feds knock your door down?" Y/N

$ y


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