How to build pyside6 doc in qch?

The official doc (Qt for Python Getting Started - Qt for Python) for building doc for pyside6 is out of date.
Tried as below in python virtual env by python -m venv ... instead of python-virtualenvwrapper, but failed, any help?

$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ pip install graphviz sphinx_tabs
... (conflict: sphinx-tabs will install sphinx 5.3.0, but sphix-panels will install sphinx 4.5.0)
$ pip list
Package                       Version
----------------------------- -----------
alabaster                     0.7.12
altgraph                      0.17.3
Babel                         2.11.0
beautifulsoup4                4.11.1
build                         0.7.0
certifi                       2022.9.24
charset-normalizer            2.1.1
distro                        1.8.0
docutils                      0.18.1
furo                          2022.9.29
graphviz                      0.20.1
idna                          3.4
imagesize                     1.4.1
Jinja2                        3.1.2
MarkupSafe                    2.1.1
Nuitka                        1.1.7
numpy                         1.23.4
packaging                     21.3
pep517                        0.13.0
pip                           22.3
Pygments                      2.13.0
PyInstaller                   3.6
PyOpenGL                      3.1.6
pyparsing                     3.0.9
pytz                          2022.6
requests                      2.28.1
setuptools                    63.2.0
six                           1.16.0
snowballstemmer               2.2.0
soupsieve                     2.3.2.post1
Sphinx                        5.3.0
sphinx-basic-ng               1.0.0b1
sphinx-copybutton             0.5.0
sphinx-panels                 0.6.0
sphinx-tabs                   3.4.1
sphinxcontrib-applehelp       1.0.2
sphinxcontrib-devhelp         1.0.2
sphinxcontrib-htmlhelp        2.0.0
sphinxcontrib-jsmath          1.0.1
sphinxcontrib-qthelp          1.0.3
sphinxcontrib-serializinghtml 1.1.5
tomli                         2.0.1
urllib3                       1.26.12
wheel                         0.38.1
$ python ./ build_rst_docs --build-docs --qt-target-path=/usr/include/qt6

It takes less than a minute to complete, html are generated but no doc for api.
Does the param --qt-target-path need the source code for qt cpp instead of /usr/include/qt6 here?

There is packages in the repo for pyside

It suggests using python virtual env by python-virtualenvwrapper.
Does it mean that python -m venv could fail?

But I can’t find the doc for pyside6 both in the offical repo and aur repo.

It is a suggestion based on my personal preference

As I recall the virtualenvwrapper is a wrappper for venv

When you build the docs don’t use a write protected system folder as target.

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