How to build Manjaro ISO with modified grub parameters?

I’m currently trying to build a Manjaro ISO with modified grub parameters, basically I just need to change the language and keymap to pt-PT

So in the end the parameters look like this

Can anyone point me to the right path/file to edit in order to obtain this result before building the ISO?
So far every edit to var/lib/manjaro-tools grub file did not produce any results :frowning:

We save the defaults in this file:

Part of grub-theme-live packages …

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Based on what you advised, here’s what I did:

Installed grub-theme-live package

Edited /usr/share/grub/cfg/defaults.cfg to def_bootlang=“pt_PT” and def_keyboard=“pt”

Ran buildiso

Tested iso and grub menu still showed language en_US and keyboard en :frowning:
So I went to see /var/lib/manjaro-tools/buildiso/xfce/iso/boot/grub/defaults.cfg and it was en_US and en! So I edited to pt_PT and pt and ran buildiso -c and after that tested the iso again and this time the grub menu showed pt_PT and pt :slight_smile:

So in the end I managed to obtain the result I wanted, but I must have done something wrong because it took me two builds to get it right… Is it possible to get it right at first build?

(I suspect I must insert the edited grub defaults.cfg in live packages, cause edit the usr/share/grub/cfg/defaults.cfg did not work… if so, where?)

Ok so based on what @philm said, and my own trial and error, I’ve found the solution…

Edited the defaults.cfg file according to my needs, and copied it to /iso-profiles/manjaro/xfce/live-overlay/usr/share/grub/cfg/defaults.cfg

Ran buildiso, then tested the ISO, and finally grub menu appeared with pt_PT and pt

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