How to build a package from source on manjaro?


I am transferring from Ubuntu to Manjaro little by little and want to have some packages on manjaro that I am used to have on ubuntu. For example this one:

It’s made for ubuntu. But if I understand it right, it is possible somehow to extract the source code from github and compile the package from that source.

Can anyone tell me how do I do that?


fd is already available in the Manjaro repo

Install it with sudo pacman -S fd


sorry, my bad. Must have missed that!

any chance you know a command for arch that shows the number of ALL the packages on the system?


  • Search the package database for a regular expression or keyword:
pacman -Ss "search_pattern"
  • List installed packages and versions:
pacman -Q
  • List only the explicitly installed packages and versions:
pacman -Qe

You can combine the last two commands with wc -l:

pacman -Qe | wc -l


I am aware of that command, but that is not what I am looking for. Thanks anyway!

Thank you!

Do you know the command that would fetch the package number that’s installed on the only?


I guess that would be:

pacman -Q | wc -l

From screenfetch script:

pacman -Qq | wc -l

Basically the same, but removes useless output before counting lines.

And these are ALL the packages that is sitting on the system right? Basically that’s everything that the system is made of? Do I get it right?

If I was to make my own Arch system that’s is identical to this one, I would have to manually install over 1000 packages? (that’s what pacman -Qq | wc -l showed)

Yes, in theory, but there are also programs installed locally maybe, or the manually installed packages. But this is what is seen by pacman, installed the proper way in the system (repos only pacman -Qqn | wc -l, AUR/foreign only pacman -Qqm | wc -l).

pacman -S whatever pertains to the sync database, or all packages. The db is located at /var/lib/pacman/sync. If you use pacman -Fx to search for a file in the packages, the *.files are stored in this location too (pacman -Fy to update).

pacman -Q whatever refers to the local database. The db is located at /var/lib/pacman/local. This is everything that is installed on the system via pacman.

When you sync and update, the archived/compressed packages are stored at /var/cache/pacman/pkg. You can control how many versions of a package you want to keep. This is necessary in case you need to refer to an earlier version.

Check systemd timers (systemctl list-timers) for two timers, one related to cleaning cache and the other for updating the mirrors.

Related config files: /etc/pacman.conf, /etc/pamac.conf, /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist.

You need to run pacman-mirrors at least once with -c or --geoip to create your custom mirrorlist. Related files are located at /var/lib/pacman-mirrors/.

You need to run DIFFPROG=meld pacdiff after an update to check for new config files. I use meld for comparisons.

I normally use pacman, but I currently use pamac GUI to build a package from AUR. Check pamac Preferences for AUR support options.

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