How to build a black Manjaro?

Hello Community,

Parrot OS Home Edition already has a few important tools for pentests included.

My question: Is it possible to build a “clean version” (not with blackArch of Manjaro like that,
or is the only way to include some tools with flatpak or snap to get no problems with Manjaro.

Greets Thomas

Technically anything is possible - it’s just a matter of how much work you would put into it.

I don’t know that OS you mention and neither interested in checking it out, plus i have no idea what you mean by “pentests”…

But it’s all Linux i suppose, and every distro is just a collection of software they select to include in that distro.

So bottom line answer to your question would be:

  • I’m sure it is possible.

There should be many tools available without needing third parties: List of applications/Security - ArchWiki

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Ahhh i know about those, just never occurred to me that ppl would shorten it like that, let us shorten it even more while we’re at it: a “PT” :rofl:
(Gotta love em americans with all their short gimmicks)

But looking at the title and the explanation of that word…:thinking:
I guess he actually meant a “White Manjaro” as in “Whitehat”, cause a “Blackhat” is the hacker :wink:
(I’ve been both hehehe)

It remains black Arch, black manjaro, backbox, Kali, …
The question is what to do with it in the end or rather which hat to wear, white, grey or black. :wink:

@ Caribou209 I prefer this one.

Hello Community,
to close up the topic, I finally decided to do the pentests on
an external hard drive and run Manjaro as a normal desktop.

Greets Thomas

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