How to bring back the greenish look?

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I recently updated my system and “suddenly” my default/shipped theme switched from greenish to blueish (i.e. folder icons are now blue instead of green, etc.)

How can I bring back the greenish look? I’m using the default theme, which I never changed or modified.

Edit: I’m using gnome

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You cant easily do this at the moment because of Gnome42’s theme changes.
However the devs have said there will be some green theming re-introduced in the next week or two & towards the end of the year there will be some even better options for choosing your own colours.

It is possible to DIY a solution, but its quite troublesome if you want it across all apps.

Please refer to this post : [Stable Update] 2022-05-13 - Kernels, Mesa, Nvidia, Gnome 42, PipeWire, LIbreOffice, KDE Gear & Frameworks, Virtualbox, Qemu 7.0 - #3 by philm

Thanks. So I’ll just need to wait…

There are some themes that seem to work with Gnome 42, but be warned it may break things, best to test in a VM. Also dont expect perfect consistency between GTK3/4/libadwaita apps.
2 themes I played around with, to get rid of some blueish:

Has some nice stuff in it and makes some menus much better

or canonicals YARU gnome shell and gtk theme (it is in the AUR) is not that bad and has a large range of colors.

I was very curious so I modded the Adw-dark theme & gave green accents to shell, apps & nautilus - although it’s only a quick fix, don’t expect it to work for all apps, it just covers the basics.

I explained the process to share what I found. Although I don’t expect this to be how it will finally work, it’s just what’s needed to mod right now.

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We actually use #16a085 for the Maia coloring :wink:

FYI, adw-gtk-theme (Adw/ Adw-dark) is not really a theme, it only contains scripts to adapt adw-gtk3-theme (Adw-gtk3 / Adw-gtk3-dark) to Libadwaita.

Good to know, thanks for looking. :smiley:

Yes, I could see the clever use of simlinks & defaults across Adw → Adw-gtk3.

I am afraid my solution is very minimal effort, just sharing my learning experience with any similarly impatient tinkers.

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