How to boot without Desktop Environment?

I want my pc to boot into the tty, not using other tty2-tty6 but have it boot terminal so i can then choose to start a desktop environment. When i first installed manjaro and learned you could have multiple window managers and got awesome as well kde plasma. The login screen lets you choose sessions and it changes without problem.

I then found out you can make X not start by default by doing: sudo systemctl set-default Then if wanting to go into a desktop enviornment just do: startx.

Heres my problem: when i startx, it goes automatically into plasma. And when i log out it goes into tty. I can no longer change sessions or choose awesome should i want. At least that i know of.

Does anybody know how i can keep it so i boot to tty without losing my ability to go into awesome or plasma? Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

Instead of doing startx (which just launches the default X session) you can do sudo systemctl start sddm (I assume you have SDDM as you mentioned Plasma is the default DE).

This will start the login manager, where you can select your session and user.

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Perfect! Exactly what i was looking for, thank you!

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