How to boot up after grub edit (messed up config file)?

I am dual booting with windows 10.

I was trying to fix my synaptic touchpad because it was not working on my Thinkpad T14.
In a post, I read a possible solution was to add “pci=nocrs” after the “GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT” in the /etc/default/grub and to reboot.
After adding the line and rebooting I am being put in an emergency shell where I can not edit the grub file to remove that part.
Is there a way to fix this?
Since I am dualbooting with windows 10, I am trying to edit the file from windows but it won’t let me.

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You can edit the Grub comandline from grub´s menu.


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HowTo change Grub commandline before boot while in GRUB:

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  • I installed the “Ext2 File System Driver for Windows”, which made the partition visible in the file explorer.
  • Opened /etc/default/grub with Notepad++ and deleted pci=nocrs.
  • Then I edited the /boot/ grub/grub.cfg with Notepad++, by deleting the same line from the Manjaro submenu.
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