How to backup Manjaro KDE?

everything in my system is stable now but a have a small issue of screen tearing and sometimes when I search around for a solution I end up breaking the system and re installing all over again. so is there a safe way to back up from this point were it’s all stable so whatever I do I just can restore to this point ?

Timeshift is an easy solution to backup your system.

Any links on how to do it and where to install it ? all i find are broken links .

open a terminal and type:

sudo pacman -S timeshift

ps. its best to backup to a seperate drive, not the one wheere your operating system is installed.

so i have to make a backup drive on the same hard disk ?

A seperate partion or another drive, internal or external

How much is the space that is suggested for a backup partition?

depends on how often you want to backup, how many backups you want to keep, the number of packages you have installed, the size of your homefolder and whether you include it in the backupp or not. You should be ok with a 16/32 GB thumbstick drive,

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I’m trying to create a separated partition in my hard disk by resizing my root partition. So I had to boot into manjaro live from a usb and open KDE partition manager to do so but it’s asking for a password. Tried mine but didn’t work. Any suggestions?

try manjaro

Worked like a charm. Thanks

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