How to backup a list of installed software and automatize installation of that list on another machine?

So, a friend of mine gave me a Macbook Pro of 2012 with 8GB RAM (he have a new laptop with 32GB RAM and a desktop with 64 GB RAM)…
I go to dual boot Windows 10 (install and get drivers trough Brigadier) and Manjaro, the question is, I would like to have the same apps on that machine that i have on my current laptop!
Is there a way to list all software I have installed on my Manjaro and kinda pass that list to the Mac and automatize the installation of all that software after installing Manjaro on it?
I heard about Aptik, is it good? It has even a paid version, how do i get it? Is there another alternatives?
I have Manjaro XFCE on my current laptop, I don’t like Gnome however I kinda wanna try another DE (maybe KDE) what you guys suggest considering it’s a Macbook Pro 2012.

pacman -Qq > manjaro.list (outputs a text file to your home folder)

Please see man pacman


Yes, however…

  • Not Supported
    • Arch Linux, Manjaro, Fedora, CentOS, SUSE, Gentoo, and other non-Debian distributions are not supported.

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Check out that one :arrow_down:

The nitty-gritty is here :arrow_down:

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Thanks for the advices, I will take that in consideration…
By the way, what DE or WM you guys recommend to use on a mac? I have XFCE but that is because my laptop have only 4GB RAM (3.28GB available)…

I can’t comment on Mac Hardware, cause I never had one, but generally speaking 4 GB RAM is good enough for most Linux Distros.

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