How to autorun Flatpak (xwaylandvideobridge) app in the background?

There is a new tool that allows Wayland users to have screensharing option with XWayland apps.

Here is the info:

To run it, I could use command:

flatpak run org.kde.xwaylandvideobridge

The problem is, no one is showing how to make it autostart. The app isn’t findable in KDE autostart menu. I could create a script, but it has to be a simpler way to do it. Is it?

Perhaps copy the desktop file to ~/.config/autostart/?

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Thanks. Why didn’t I think of this? LOL

Anyway, I found a desktop file, put in autostart and it works.

There is however, a tiny issue. Whenever it starts, Plasma shows a desktop notification with voice signal (the same as error…). This also happens when launching the app from terminal, so the problem is with the app itself. If it is meant to be used as autostart in background, it shouldn’t have so obnoxious notification. It’s super annoying.

Is there a way to block such notification in Plasma? Or is this a situation where we must contact the devs to fix it?

EDIT: I created an issue to devs:

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