How to assign an app to a workspace?

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I am sure I saw this somewhere in the settings, but I can’t find it now :confused:
I want to pin certain apps to a particular Workspace.
I do not know if this is not visible now because I removed from the panel the section of currently open apps (and have the indicator of an open app in the dock - like on my macOS), but I can’t find it in Workspaces.
Right click on the app’s bar gives me option to move it to another Workspace, but not to pin/assign it.
Any hints how to do this in the Manjaro settings (I understand, that in terminal I can do it, but I am searching for the GUI solution).
Thanks in advance :smiley:

I don’t think that feature is available in xfwm4.
You may need to use another window manager for that. I think i3 and awesome have that feature, there may be more.

Possible. See similar topics here Search results for 'xfce workspace' - Manjaro Linux Forum

I am using XFCE and like it, so neither i3 or Awesome are an option.
Does this mean that I can’t assign apps to open only in certain workspaces?

I did that before I asked :slight_smile: And did search on the net. No luck on both :frowning:

In XFCE, I believe you need to use wmctrl or similar.

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Thanks for info :slight_smile:

Check out devilspie at this link

maybe that will work for you.

thanks - issue is: 404. Page not found :frowning:

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