How to apply themes for kde applications?

I am using one kde application called kde-connect in i3wm Manjaro.
I don’t understand how to apply dark theme for kde connect.
when I tried to apply themes by qc5ct, it not working , moreover it causing some problems like unable to launch kde-connect .

AFAIK the i3wm Manjaro community edition is using Kvantum by default to “theme” Qt applications. Use that and see if works for you.


It’s not working, I tried kvantum dark also …nothing changed. only bright white interface.Can you tell me where should I select themes , qt5ct or somewhere else.
and big thanks for quick response.

Have you restarted KDE Connect after changing the theme? AFAIK Kvantum theme changes are not applied on the fly.

Ok, i think i found the issue, but have no much time to investigate. The Kvantum does set the decoration but, in case of the kdeconnect-app the window remains white while the kdeconnect-settings is following the Kvantum theme.

I know in case of Gnome i can use the QGnomePlatform so the /etc/environment has to have QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME and QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE commented out, but once using qt5ct or Kvantum, something needs to be set there. On i3wm i did not tested much lately and not 100% sure if this will sort things out with all Qt apps.

I concur.
From what i recall, QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHERE=qt5ct (at the time of qt5ct, now qt6ct) was set in ~/.profile, and qt5ct was configured to use kvantum. One could also directly use export QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE=kvantum instead in order not to use qt5ct as intermediary. (I now have those commented since i switched to KDE.)

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there is nothing to edit.
what should i do now .?

Please avoid using screenshots when you can post text.

You could check that QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEMEis correctly set by:


If not, set for your user and re-check. You could also check colours are correctly set and change them manually in ~/.config/kdeglobals.

It’s qt5ct.
and there is no kdeglobals file in ~/.config .where should I copy that file .

I had a similar issue with some KDE applications not respecting all my theming from Qt5ct, and found this solution on the arch wiki which worked for me. I have created the file ~/.config/kdeglobals, copied some of the sections from a dotfile I found, and manually changed any r,g,b values that weren’t being respected to those I wanted. All my KDE apps now look consistent in i3, so hopefully it works for you in KDE-Connect (I’ve not tried that one though).

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Thanks a lot man. That worked :grinning:…Actually it gives user to choose exact colorscheme they want.

Big thanks everyone for your quick response.Problem solved after creating kdeglobals in .config file (actually i grabbed that from someone’s dotfiles, it contains few lines and easily understandable) :smiley:


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