How to allow/deny internet access to specific applications?

In Manjaro KDE Plasma edition there is no firewall app by default, it seems. In Firewalld I can allow/deny IP addresses, but not applications. How to control internet access for specific applications? Is there a GUI application for this?


Check out OpenSnitch available in the AUR as opensnitch-git.


Read this. Firewalls - Manjaro


Thanks for replying. I this app is asking for connection to which node. How can I know that by connecting to which node/port/ip/… the app is attempting to connect internet? Isn’t it possible to block entire app, no matter for whatever it connects?

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In terminal:
systemctl enable opensnitchd
systemctl start opensnitchd
Now read and play.

What do you mean by that? You simply start the daemon and use the GUI part of OpenSnitch to block or allow connections form specific programs or completely block a program form creating connections. Keep in mind that OpenSnitch does not see connections that are established before you start the daemon. You should start the daemon at boot.

Focus on the General and Processes Tab. The Node tab just shows the connection form the Gui part of OpenSnitch to the daemon part of OpenSnitch.

It is possible with OpenSnitch. But OpenSnitch is quite new and most user and developer that use Linux and can create such software don’t see the need.
You only need this kind of program firewall if you don’t trust the software you are using. If you trust the software you are using you know what it does and you agree with it. If you don’t agree or don’t trust specific software don’t use it.

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Thanks for your replies. I figured out to use OpenSnitch.

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