How to add user to audio group

Hi there, I know this is very basic, but somehow i cannot find any hint to add a user to the audio group. I would need that to run cadence, jack2 etc…

is there a xfce gui way of doing this or a command line? thank you so much!!

PS: is there a “manjaro for multimedia production” tutorial or script or something? :slight_smile:

You can add a user to a group with:

sudo gpasswd -a user group


thank you so much!!

just watching this to configure my system. it is kde based but seems to be a very good guide…

ah ok link posting is not possible… well there is a youtube vid that is called “How do I prepare Manjaro KDE for audio production?”

The best place to look when you have a Manjaro or Linux question based on Arch Linux is here.

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You should install the package realtime-privileges to make some system reconfigurations for running JACK

and after installing that you should add user to the realtime group

sudo gpasswd -a $USER realtime

then reboot system

and then use this script to check everything on system is configured to run JACK with minimal problems


wonderful, doing that right now

The realtime-privileges package is only available in Arch distributions
It creates the main system configuration changes for realtime scheduling

The crucial checks in realtimeconfigquickscan will be ‘good’
But it may find some ‘not good’ results that need adjusting
This perl script is recommended for most Linux distributions, including Arch
Professional Audio - Quickscan JACK script | Arch Wiki

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