How to add the program menu options in the panel

So I was customizing my desktop, and i liked the minimal look of my desktop. But I’ve somehow removed the option where when you open a program it removes all the options like : File, Edit, View, Tools etc. It is just empty… How can I add this feature.

Edit: you see that it is missing

Thank you!

Your description of the problem ─ or whatever you want to achieve ─ is very confusing and ambiguous. Try describing more clearly what you want.

  • Do you want applications to display their menu in the panel?

  • Do you want applications to display their menu inside the application’s own window (which is the default)?

  • Do you want applications to not display any menu at all?

I want the panel tpo display the menu of a program. The first option.

Right-click the desktop, choose “Customize Desktop” (or something named similar to that), and then right-click the panel and choose “Edit Panel”, and then “Add Widgets”*. Look in the list of widgets for Global Menu and drag that to the panel. You can then exit the customization mode again by right-clicking the desktop.

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Yes! That’s it. Thank you!

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