How to add kernels like linux-hardened or linux-zen?

Are there risks to using these alternative kernels with Manjaro? What is the easiest way to install alternative kernels like linux-hardened or zen-kernel?

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You can build and install your own kernel but adding a kernel from Arch poses issues because drivers and linux firmware may not be compatible.

Other issues may rise along the road as updates are synced to the master repo which may interfere and sync newer versions of shared libraries before you have updated your kernel.

This goes especially for Nvidia and for VirtualBox (perhaps using dkms versions can to a degree pave the road).

If you want to run alternative Arch kernels - I recommend to mogrify your system from Manjaro to Arch.


linux-hardened works perfectly in manjaro, I have been using it for about 6 months now without a single problem,and it is my default kernel.(Although this security oriented kernel might prevent some functionality I noticed that the snap package of brave and the flatpak package of zoom do not work with this kernel).But you are not taking any risk with your system since this kernel is added to your system but doesn t remove any existing kernels which are still updated and you can boot them at any time.
The easiest way to install it is to download it from any arch linux repository in your web browser or arch linux package page.
(download linux-hardened and linux-hardened-headers and then right right click on them and click “open with software installer”.
For added security it is best to also download the .sig (gpg signatures of the packages to verify them), first import gpg public key from Levente Polyak aka anthraxx ).
The only downside in using this kernel is that you will have to download it manually every week or 10 days to get the latest because it is not in Manjaro repository.
This kernel is never the very latest linux released because it is tested a bit, so I never had ANY issue with it (and it even works in virtual machines too).

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