How to add Custom resolutions to BigLinux

I recently switched from Linux Mint to BigLinux (Manjaro) and I’m not able to add custom resolutions with xrandr, because every time I add it and my PC restarts it disappears, and I don’t know how to make it permanent, since in Biglinux I don’t have the .profile. … Help me

I don’t understand what BigLinux is.

But if you don’t have a .profile, you could create it.

Hello @PatrickConceicao :wink:

Since you use which is based on Manjaro, it would be better asking here: since the distro has its own forum.

And usually there is none until you create it or the distro has one in a template when creating a user account. So create it…

Please see → xrandr - ArchWiki

cd && touch .profile

Now you do. :smiley:


This is the Manjaro support forum, not the BigLinux support forum.