How to add custom application shortcuts via terminal?

I haven’t really gone this deep inside Manjaro, but I would be interested to add (and remove) a custom command shortcut via the terminal. For example, xkill by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Also, I’m not quite sure which category does this belongs to.

Hi @hakszi,

Have a look at xdotool, I believe this might help you:

Hope you manage!


Or, if that’s not it, look here:

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Or, if that’s not it, look here:

Yes, I know this, but I want to do it from terminal.

GitHub - jordansissel/xdotool: fake keyboard/mouse input, window management, and more

I’m gonna check this out, hopefully I can set shorcuts in it permamently. Thanks
Edit: I don’t think you can set things in xdotool permamently.

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Something like that?

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xkill already has a keyboard shortcut in Xfce - Ctrl+Alt+Esc
That could be edited in xfce4-keyboard-settings GUI instead of adding another shortcut
xfce:xfce4-settings:keyboard [Xfce Docs]

To add an additional shortcut:

xfconf-query -c xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts -np '/commands/custom/<Primary><Alt>e' -t string -s xkill

xfce:xfconf:xfconf-query [Xfce Docs]

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