How to add another drive to an already installed, encrypted system?

HP Pavilion Gaming that I bought last week. AMD 4800/ Renoir/GTX 1650Ti. 12 GB RAM and came with a 512 Gb M2…only one socket for an M2. However the laptop does have a SATA drive bay where I am adding a 1 TB SSD SATA drive. The original install is Manjo stable, encrypted. Looking at Disks , One is able to see the LUKS drive. I had contemplated moving /home to the new drive but for now I am going to put things like photos, documents &c from my primary desktop on the new drive. I am not running encrypted on the desktop since I have physical possession of that all the time but if anything happens to the laptop I want to be as secure as is possible with the info on it. Theoretically I could reinstall the OS and put /home on the new drive and I assume that encrypting the install in that instance would encrypt the SATA drive as well. I will do that if necessary --I have spent all weekend playing getting Manjo like I want it so its no big deal to burn it down and reinstall it but if I can add the additional drive encrypted… without having to do that it would be nice.

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Well, when it comes to encryption, then there is no way around to do this manually:

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Thanks very much for this.

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